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We believe, ‘Every time you eat or drink, you are either fighting disease or inviting it’. Sanjivani is one of the pioneers in the field of Ayurveda. We have experienced and certified doctors who have been successful in treating patients with varied disorders and life-threatening conditions.

By blending nature with technology, scientists at Sanjivani have developed medicines which are fundamental to smooth and efficient functioning of life. Sanjivani has researched for years on the limitations of modern medicines. Most modern medicines today only treat the symptoms of a disease and do not cure it. Ayurveda is capable of addressing the real root cause of a problem and give a healthy life to you.

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Divya Sanjivani Kit

Balance your seven energy-awareness centers by balancing your 7 chakras. Get rid of the problems of migrane and other disorders with Divya Sanjivani Kit. Its unique formula is designed by keeping in mind the science of chakra healing. Get health, wealth and happiness back in your life.

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  • My daughter started feeling very weak and tired when she began to work. She not only had terrible mood swings, but her eyes were always paining. My neighbor suggested Divya Sanjivani kit to me. Over and beyond my expectations, my daughter's moods, health and even patience levels improved dramatically within a month of its usage. This is truly what it says- it has intense potential to balance your mind, body and soul.

    • Yash Gautam
  • I am a 52 year Male. Naturally, my body's functioning slowed down with age. I tried several different treatments for my leg pain. It got worse when I suffered from Sciatica Pain. I had a constant shooting pain from lower back to right leg. I started taking Sanjivani Param Shudhi and doing basic exercises. Thanks to them, I feel like I have been gifted with another life altogether. I highly recommend this elixir.

    • Ananya Kumari
  • Like all other girls I wanted to look slim and beautiful. But no matter how much I tried, I could not keep up with any schedule. I tried Sanjivani Alokik Shakti to balance my energies and fulfil vitamin deficiencies. It overhauled my capacities. I could not only keep up to a healthy schedule, but I feel relaxed and rejuvenated now. I have shed all extra weight.

    • Amita
  • Divya Sanjivani kit helped me fight with my pimples and acne. It was a bad phase of my life, I was so under confident. My skin has got better now and I feel so calm and in my senses all the time. I am more attentive as well.

    • Mrs Rashmi Mehta

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