Udar Amrit

Pack Contains –
-Syrup (2 bottles, 225ml each)
-Powder (2 boxes, 250gm each)
-Capsule1- One bottle of capsule1 contains 80 capsules in it.
-Capsule2- One pack of capsule2 contains 6 capsules in it.
-Course- 40 days.

Udar Amrit is a highly effective ayurvedic medicine for all types of abdominal problems such as gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, indigestion, acidity, gas, Uneasiness, bloating in the abdomen, pain in the belly, nausea, excessive burping, etc. The digestive disorders are always uncomfortable, which spoils whole day but Udar Amrit helps in getting rid of the stomach issues of day to day life which can be adverse if ignored.



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